Lauren Huxley

Your Union Affairs Officer is all about the governance, democracy and finance of the Union. Keeping it up and running and fair for you.

Your background

Throughout my Undergrad and Masters Degrees I got more and more involved with LUU and throughout my time at Leeds it's where I've found my friends and always felt like I belong. I thought I wasn't going to go to Uni after leaving college so I really wanted to make the most of everything on offer during my time here. I joined a few different Societies in my first year, then was lucky enough to be elected onto their committees. I loved it so much as Dance Rep that I ran to join the Student Exec and I feel so privileged to have been elected for a second year!

Manifesto aims

This year I'll be pushing for better value for all our members, easier access to opportunities and better use of space in LUU.

What I’m hoping to achieve this year

I'm going to work super hard to make sure that every member feels valued by LUU and a part of this wonderful student community.

I was inspired to become a Union Affairs Officer because...

I have a huge passion for making positive change for students and I would love for every student to feel the support and belonging that I have felt in LUU.

What I’m looking forward to most during my year as a Union Affairs Officer

I'm super excited to meet so many more inspiring students and raising their voices to push for the changes they want to see.

What I love about Leeds University Union

Honestly everything! It has absolutely made my time here at Leeds (all 6 years of it so far) and I'd encourage everyone to get involved in some way.

Supported roles

As Union Affairs Officer I don't have a specific group of volunteers to oversee but, as they all play a part in our governance and engagement with members, I'll be working with all of them to ensure they're getting what they need and expect from LUU.

Boards / Committees

  • Chair of LUU Board of Trustees
  • Chair of LUU Finance Committee
  • University Council
  • University Senate
  • University Court
  • Committee on Honorary Degrees
  • NUS Finance Committee Officer Representative
  • LUU Engagement & Development Committee
  • LUU Better Forums

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