The student market is vibrant, open-minded and one of the most exciting to work in.  

At Leeds University Union, we understand its potential for our clients and can support any brand, business or charity to deliver a highly effective marketing campaign. No matter the objective or budget, we work alongside you to make a great impression on our students.

Freshers Advertising

The beginning of term has some of the most rewarding marketing opportunities in the academic calendar. Freshers’ Week is the first week of term, the term when new students are introduced to university life. It wouldn’t be Freshers’ Week without a Freshers’ Fair and it’s down to you to make an impression.

Year Round Advertising

By knowing and understanding our students and their habits, we can help you increase your brands visibility on campus. It’s not only during Freshers’ Week that you can benefit from targeting the student market.

Leeds Ball Sponsorship

Our end of year ball has a phenomenal reputation and sells out on an annual basis. With a guaranteed 5,500 attendance, this is a fantastic event to promote your company and raise brand awareness.

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Please note that NUSML manages all marketing bookings on behalf of Leeds University Union.


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