Exec Bethan

Bethan Corner
Education Officer

Bethan changes things up for the better so that the Uni is always providing the best academic experience. As an exec officer Bethan also acts as a trustee for LUU.
Exec Ella

Ella Williams
Activities & Opportunities Officer

Ella is here to make sure your social life thrives at Uni, through getting the right funding for clubs and societies, tackling the cost of sport or making sure our co-curricular activities are the best in the country.
Exec Emily

Emily Tabern
Union Affairs & Communications Officer

Emily chairs the board of trustees, makes sure the Union works for you and that the charity’s money is spent in the right areas. As an exec officer Emily also acts as a trustee for LUU.
Exec Hannah

Hannah Catterall
Wellbeing Officer

Hannah is always thinking about your happiness, health and wellbeing. Making sure you have access to any help and support you might need whilst at Uni. As an exec officer Hannah also acts as a trustee for LUU.
Exec Haryati

Haryati Mohammed
Equality & Liberation Officer

Haryati makes sure that the campus and the city champion equality & diversity and every student has a voice. As an exec officer Haryati also acts as a trustee for LUU.
Exec Rimsha

Rimsha Khan
International & Postgraduate Officer

Rimsha makes sure our diverse community is properly represented, and leads on the creation of opportunities to share culture and experiences. As an exec officer Rimsha also acts as a trustee for LUU.

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