Catheryne Fairbairn

Your Community Officer is all about your living experience in Leeds. From transport, to crime, to housing, they’re here to bring the community spirit to your time at Leeds.

Your background

Growing up in the City of Sunderland, I have seen firsthand the need for a caring community. I have spent years working on multiple community projects, and I have a passion for creating positive social change to uplift working class communities.

Manifesto aims

This upcoming year I aim to implement new approaches to sustainable living, lead a series of events to unite the community and provide specialist housing support to marginalised students.

What I’m hoping to achieve this year

I'm hoping to see new relationships blossom between students and long-term residents through the projects that I facilitate. A successful year for me looks like a student body who are not only satisfied, but shouting about the great work that their union and exec do to represent them.

I was inspired to become a Community Officer because...

Because of the personal familiarity that I have with areas like Hyde Park and Headingley, and because of the multitude of friendships and partnerships I already have with people within them. I volunteer with young people in Hyde Park in my spare time, and I am a huge advocate for enjoying a university experience off-campus and away from an environment purely comprised of other students. Non-students have so much to offer us and vice versa!

What I’m looking forward to most during my year as a Community Officer

The thing I am most looking forward to is getting to be physically present within the community, whether it be putting on an event in a local community centre, meeting with a group of people on a particular issue, or lobbying the council for something that students want to see happen.

What I love about Leeds University Union

The opportunities! We are by far one of the best unions out there (if not the best!) and the number of chances our students have to try something new, to hold a position of responsibility, to find a casual or committed job, to hang out in one of our many spaces and to just generally enjoy student life is quite unparalleled and I have appreciated those opportunities from day one!

Supported roles

  • Community Reps
  • Halls Reps/Exec

Boards / Committees

  • LUU Board of Trustees
  • Unipol Board of Trustees
  • LUU People & Values Committee
  • LUU Finance Committee
  • LUU Better Forums

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