Abiha Khan

Your Education Officer helps you to get the most out of your degree and academic interests. Making sure your views are represented in the classroom.

Your background

I’m an English Literature graduate and I was inspired to run for the Education Officer position due to my time as the English School Representative. Being a Rep was 100% the best thing I did during my time as a student! The change I was able to create became my main motivation for running in Lead LUU as I saw that there is so much you can transform and the possibilities are endless.

Manifesto aims

I will be working on digitising all core texts, tackling the BAME attainment gap, decolonising the institution and the curriculum, increasing access to educational spaces across campus, re-framing the provision of wellbeing support directly from schools and improving the experience for neglected groups of students i.e. joint honours, postgraduate and mature students.

What I’m hoping to achieve this year

Aside from my manifesto aims my biggest focus this year is working towards eliminating the barriers which prevent students from achieving their highest grades. I will work hard to ensure that our learning is inclusive and diverse and that hidden course costs are minimised. Ultimately, I am dedicated to ensuring students are receiving the equal educational experience that they are paying for!

I was inspired to become an Education Officer because...

I was inspired to become an Education Officer because I loved my time at Leeds and want everybody to have an incredible experience. The change I was able to create as a School Rep became my main motivation for running to become Education Officer. By seeing the work of previous Education Officers I have been inspired by just how much you can transform and the possibilities are endless. Also, I am fascinated by the change that Higher Education is currently undergoing and this is the perfect job to get involved, be an active learner and contribute to improving student’s educational experience.

What I’m looking forward to most during my year as an Education Officer

I’m really looking forward to meeting all of the new School Reps and Course Reps and building a strong network and community with all of the students here at Leeds!

What I love about Leeds University Union

The culture here at LUU is incredible! I love how diverse, inclusive and caring we all are and how dedicated the staff are to ensuring students love their time at Leeds. We are the heart of the campus and we have the power as a Union to create such strong change.

Supported roles

  • School Reps
  • Course Reps
  • PG Reps

Boards / Committees

  • LUU Board of Trustees
  • University Council
  • University Senate
  • Taught Student Education Board
  • Graduate Board Research Ethics Committee
  • LUU Finance Committee
  • LUU Engagement & Development Committee
  • LUU Better Forums

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