The Riley Awards


Join us on Friday 27th April 2018 for a show-stopping evening where we celebrate the achievements of our fantastic 300+ clubs and societies. Doors open at 7pm for a prompt 7:30pm start.

Take a look at all the fantastic groups shortlisted below and for information on how to get tickets please scroll down to the very bottom of the page.

Best New Society

To be eligible for this award, you must have formed as a society after Easter 2017. You can't apply for Best New Society and Most Improved.


  • A brief outline of your key events this year and the successes within them
  • How many members do you have?
  • A highlight of your year as a society (i.e. a challenge you overcame or great success).
  • What have you done to make yourselves sustainable for next year?
  • Do you have any other examples of how you have gone above and beyond for your members?


Marine Science & Conservation Society

Coppafeel UK Uni Boob Team

Actuarial Society

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Society

Best New Collaboration

This award is for a collaboration that two or more groups worked equally on (but not one that a group ran that involved other groups) during 2017/18. The collaboration must have occurred or started after Easter 2017; this could include a single event or a newly established partnership.


  • What did you do?
  • Which groups were involved in this collaboration?
  • What was the motivation behind this collaboration? - How and why did this collaboration come about?
  • How did it benefit the groups involved? What was the outcome?
  • What made this collaboration outstanding?


Martial Arts Self Defence Workshops

Women in Leadership and Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Society

American Football and Men’s Rugby League

Spoken Word and LGBT Society

Best Long-Standing Collaboration

This award is for a collaboration that two or more groups worked equally on (but not one that a group ran that involved other groups) during 2017/18. The collaboration must have been running since before Easter 2017. This could be a single recurring event or a lengthy and developed partnership.


  • Which groups are involved in this collaboration?
  • How has the collaboration between these two (or more) groups improved/achieved more this year?
  • Outline how the collaboration was organised.
  • How did it benefit the groups involved? What was the outcome?
  • What is outstanding about this collaboration?


Backstage and Music Theatre

The Gryphon and LSR

Backstage and Expose

Geek Night (Anime and Manga, Sci-Fi and Fantasy, Pokemon, Video Gaming and Tech, Harry Potter, Cocktail, Rock and Alternative, Comic Soc)

Give It A Go Award

Any club or society that has put on one or more GIAG session within the GIAG programme during 2017/18 can apply for this award. This could either be two strong GIAGs, or one stand-out session.


  • What event(s) have you had in the ‘give it a go’ programme this year?
  • Give a brief outline of the GIAG event(s) you held this year and how you organised the session(s):
  • How many people attended?
  • How did the event attract new members?
  • How many became members as a result?


Sign Language Society

Coppafeel UK Uni Boob Team

Model UN

The Scribe

Inclusivity Award

This one is for those societies who've made a particular effort to remove barriers to inclusion. Strands of liberation include; race, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion or nationality.


  • Briefly outline the activities carried out.
  • How did you promote these opportunities?
  • How was this engaging above and beyond the core membership of your group?
  • What was the success of the activity?



Women in Leadership

The Gryphon

Women’s Rugby

Most Improved

This award is for an existing group that has made significant progression during 2017/18. You can't apply for Best New Society and Most Improved.


  • Drawing on comparisons from the previous year’s activity, please outline the areas in which you have improved your society.
  • How did you go about improving this?
  • How will this improvement be sustained in future years?



Sign Language Society

Amateur Boxing

Shock Soc

Best Publicity

This award is for the group who has best-promoted itself in 2017/18, and used appropriate resources to engage members and non-members in its activity.


  • Briefly outline the strategy you undertook this year to publicise your society and its events effectively.
  • How have you been creative/unique in your approach to publicity?
  • How have you utilised the online resources provided by LUU and social media to keep members engaged?
  • Remember supporting evidence in the form of photos/video is compulsory for this award.


Leeds RAG

Women in Leadership



Best Campaign*

This award is for groups that have taken action to raise awareness on or create change for a specific topic during 2017/18. This includes larger, longer campaigns, and does not need to be tied to a specific society.


  • Provide a brief outline of your campaign? What was your aim?
  • How did you publicise your campaign?
  • How successful were you?

*Remember, supporting evidence in the form of photos/video is compulsory for this award.


Interfaith Week - Faith Societies

It’s OK not to be OK - American Football & Men’s Rugby League

Enactus Revive

Don’t Touch my Hair (BME x Women’s Lib Co’s)

Best Show*

To be eligible for this award, the show must have taken place since Easter 2017. You cannot apply for Best Show and Best Event.


Briefly outline the show and:

  • How did you publicise it?
  • What venue did you use, and how many people attended?
  • How many people were involved in this show?
  • What made your show stand out?

*Remember, supporting evidence in the form of photos/video is compulsory for this award. Examples of evidence you may want to include could be reviews from the Gryphon and/or The Scribe, trailer, advertising etc.


Opera Society - The Marriage of Figaro

SMS - Sister Act

Dance Expose - Suspect

The Leeds Tealights - Comedy

Music Theatre - Made in Dagenham

Best Event

For this award, the event must have taken place since Easter 2017. You cannot apply for Best Event and Best Show.


  • Briefly outline the event
  • How did you publicise it?
  • Where was your event held, and how many people attended?
  • What made your event stand out?
  • Please attach any material and/or reviews that support your case (no more than 5 items).


Teddy Bear Hospital - Teddybear Picnic

ShockSoc - Robot Fighting League

Kickboxing & Krav Maga - Championships

Horse Riding Society - Pet Therapy

Special Recognition for Committees*

A committee that has gone above and beyond to support its members. This includes development, wellbeing and member representation.


  • What support has your committee provided their members?
  • What new initiatives have they introduced this year?
  • What impact have these initiatives had on you as a member

*Nominations for this award are accepted from members of the society, not committee members.


LUU Lifetime Achievement

This award recognises individuals who have contributed exceptional efforts to societies and the union, in order to improve the wider student experience at LUU.


  • Briefly outline the individual’s role(s)
  • Describe their achievements during their time at LUU
  • What impact have these achievements made?

Best Society

One group will be nominated from each category, e.g. Sport, Faith, Volunteering etc. The overall winner of Best Society will be chosen from the winners of each category.


  • Outline your achievements this year as a society, clearly stating why your society has been the most successful within your group and why your society deserves to win the overall best society.

Category Awards

Best Academic Society


French Society




Best Culture Society

British Born Chinese

East African Society

Chinese Society

Indian Student Association


Best Dance Society

Ballet Society
Irish Dance

Dance Expose

Modern Dance


Best Faith Society

Islamic Society

Jewish Society

Catholic Society


Best General Interest Society

Model UN

Sign Language Society

Enterprise Society

Women in Leadership


Best Martial Arts Society


Kickboxing & Krav Maga



Best Media Society


The Gryphon

The Scribe



Best Music & Performance Society


Spoken Word

Music Society

Opera Society


Best Outdoor Society






Best Political and Campaigning Society

Leeds Students for Global Health

Amnesty International

Friends of Irise

Coppafeel UK Uni Boob Team



Best Sport Society

Women’s Football

Powerlifting & Weightlifting

Women’s Rugby


Best Volunteering Society






Best Welfare Society


Bereaved and Young Student Network

Mind Matters

Ticketing Info

How do I get a ticket?

Groups who have been shortlisted can collect 2 tickets per nomination from the Student Activities Office from 9am Thursday 19th April. You then have until Wednesday 25th April at 5pm to collect your tickets.

Any tickets remaining after 5pm on Wednesday 25th April will then be available to any group to collect from Thursday 26th April at 9am until they are all gone.

Tickets are in the form of a wristband - please be careful and do not rip them. We can’t replace wristbands and you will be required to show them on the evening in order to gain entry.

The rest of my committee want to watch but we don’t have enough tickets…

Don’t worry - you won’t miss out on any of the action! LSTV will be live streaming the whole night in Pyramid Theatre. This is the official space to watch the Riley’s for our groups (other than the Riley of course). The bar will be open and we advise you get down there from 7pm in order to get a good seat.

If you have any questions or have any specific access needs please email