Partnership Awards

Students, staff or postgraduate researchers, there's plenty of great people who are making up our academic community. 

If someone has made your year, it's time to make theirs. 

Whether they've inspired you, helped you out or supported you, make their year by nominating them for a Partnership Award and recognising that they're doing a cracking job. 

Take your pick from the categories below and get nominating. Nominations close on Monday 19 February. 

Winners will be announced on Monday 23 April 2018. 


Academic Rep of the Year

The School, Course, or Postgraduate Research Rep who has actively worked in partnership with others to secure positive, student-led change that makes a real difference to both students and staff.

Best Feedback

The person who provides invaluable and supportive academic feedback, in both content and delivery method, which helps others to develop and excel in their work. 

Equality and Inclusion

This person or group strives to create a fair and equal environment in which everyone can achieve their potential. This could be through curriculum content (such as responding to student-led campaigns to liberate the curriculum, eg. ‘Why is my Curriculum White’), teaching practice, outreach and engagement work or contribution to student success.


The person or group who uses innovative methods and approaches to engage and excite others; such as through embracing new learning technology or through presenting challenging ideas in a way to spark discussion to further the understanding of a subject area.

Inspirational Teaching

The person who has used their passion and dedication for a subject area to inspire others to be ambitious, enthusiastic and challenged to develop new ideas.


Whether staff member, a student rep, a society leader or a student volunteer, this person’s guidance and support has encouraged and nurtured others to develop their skills and prospects for the future, helping them to grow and progress, either personally or in their learning.

Personal Tutor

The personal tutor who does their utmost to support their students, promoting engagement with academic and co-curricular activities, and facilitating their personal development.

Positive Impact

The person who has made an exceptional difference to others’ experiences through an outstanding contribution to their School, Faculty, Department or Service or who has worked hard to make individuals’ experiences better.

Postgraduate Teaching

Any registered Leeds PhD student who, while undertaking their own study, has also actively and exceptionally contributed to other students’ education as a module assistant, seminar leader or demonstrator. 


The dissertation, final year project, or thesis supervisor who has guided and inspired others to push the boundaries of their research for a dissertation, final year project or thesis. 


The staff member, student, or group who makes an exceptional contribution to wellbeing at Leeds through raising awareness, supporting individuals and/or actively referring others at Leeds.

The Partnership Award

This Award is decided by the shortlisting panel and given to the person or people who have been deemed to have had an exceptional impact. Often this will be someone who has been nominated broadly, or particularly active on a specific issue.