Hall Awards

Loved your time in Halls? Nominate someone who helped.

The Halls Awards are a celebration of the incredible students within the Halls of Residence that have contributed towards the community by providing events, activities opportunities and support to their neighbours.

Hall Exec, Subwardens and entire Halls teams can help make your experience in Halls one to remember, make sure you let them know they’ve made a difference.

Nominations are now closed, and the shortlist has been announced. You can see the shortlists below.

If you have any questions please get in touch with Rachael.

Leadership Award

The Leadership Award recognises an individual who has led and inspired their committee to achieve great things and worked tirelessly to help develop a great sense of community for every resident in their halls.


Kira MacKenzie (Henry Price), Anna Doherty (Devonshire), Alama Sidibe (Oxley) and Ruby Robinson (North Hill Court) - Winner

Personal Achievement Award

The Personal Achievement Award celebrates an individual who has sought to challenge themselves in order to benefit them and others around them. They have tried their hardest to contribute to the Committee no matter what other commitments they have.


Nathan Blott (St Mark’s), Tushar Khanna (Blenheim Point) - Winner, Kira MacKenzie (Henry Price) and Hannah Clarke (Devonshire Hall)


Unsung Hero Award

An Unsung Hero has put a phenomenal amount of time and effort into the planning and orchestration of Hall Exec events. Unsung heroes can always be relied upon to pick up the pieces where others cannot do so, and putting in the extra amount of effort that it takes to make an event successful.


George Rebello (Leodis), Emma Mason (Devonshire Hall), Stephanie Boon (Central Village), Taljinder Shergill (St Mark’s) and Meegan Worcester (Lupton)


Best Hall Exec Team

The committee who have worked effectively together to produce a particular event to an incredibly high-standard or have repeatedly hosted popular, appealing and diverse events for their fellow residents.


Lyddon, Central Village and Oxley - Winner


Most Effective Use of Budget

This award will celebrate the committee, and their treasurer, who have used their budget effectively to cater for the needs and interests of the residents in their hall, whilst stretching the budget to offer a range of activities.


Henry Price, Oxley and North Hill Court - Winner

Event of the Year

Celebrating the social events that helped build a community among residents. This event will either be a unique, never seen before excellent activity, or a huge undertaking that provided the entire residence with a top event.


North Hill Court, Oxley - Winner and Central Village


Green Residence Award

Awarded to a Residence, and their students, who have challenged, adapted and changed their residence to become more sustainable, whether that is environmentally, economically, or socially.



Lupton, North Hill Court - Winner and Devonshire

Contribution to Student Wellbeing

Awarded to the committee member who has shown commitment to running campaigns or events that have removed barriers to inclusion within their residence or have supported their fellow students' wellbeing.


Brenda Bowland, Claudette Schala and Wiktoria Wojciechowska - Winner


Inclusive Community Award

Awarded to the Residence and Hall Exec who have made the most effort to remove barriers to inclusion within their residence, and engage with the full diversity of their student body.


St Mark’s - Winner, Leodis and Central Village

Subwarden Team of the Year

Awarded to the team of subwardens who have truly led, supported and developed the community within Residences, providing a quality service that helps students settle in and make the most of their Halls.


Sentinel Towers, Charles Morris x4 - Winner, Oxley, Montague Burton, Leodis


Exceptional Subwarden of the Year

Awarded to the subwarden who has supported their student body exceedingly well, helping to make everyone’s time in Halls the best it can be. When faced with difficult incidents, they have remained calm and dealt with the situation in a professional manner.


Sameer Safraz (Lupton), Kenny Ajose (Leodis) and Bethany Johnson (Leodis) - Winner

Contribution to Sporting Activity

Awarded to the Committee Member who has shown commitment to offering sporting opportunity and activity, from watching sport to playing it! They will have worked hard continuously over the year and supported all the members of their sports teams.

Sam Lawlor (Oxley) and Hugo Wilkinson (Devonshire) - Winners