FrenchSoc Competition time!

1 February 2021, 12:00 pm-12:00 am

Get your creative hats on for this week-long competition running over Refreshers week. 2020 was a long and difficult year for everyone, but we got through it and it's good to look back at what we have learnt from it. This is why we want you to tell us about YOUR 2020 either with a French piece of writing (max. 500 words, no more!!), a short poem, a song or a creative drawing (of course with a meaning). Once it's ready, you can send it to us on the competition starts on Monday the 1st of February and the deadline is Friday the 5th :) You can be as personal, as funny and/or as creative as possible and the committee will be choosing the best piece! The winner will not only receive a French mystery box full of treats, but will also be featured on LUU social media. Some topics for inspiration may be: the funniest thing that happened to me in 2020; what I've learnt from 2020; my worse day in lockdown and many more!! (remember, it has to be in French). This is not an essay or an exam, it's just a way to get your minds off revision and practice using French in a creative way- which is not easy 😉. So, let's get out of our comfort zone...Allons-y!