Your Reps

We know that our students have a lot on their plates. Alongside studying, university is also about developing self-knowledge by gaining new experiences, meeting new people and uncovering skills you never knew you had.

One easy way of getting there is via volunteering. At LUU, we have lots of volunteer opportunities to help enhance your skills and boost your CV. Most employers recognise the skills that can be gained through voluntary work experience – from organising an event to carrying out interviews and surveys or even interacting with customers on a daily basis. Stand out from the crowd and do good things during your time at Leeds.

Liberation Coordinators

As a Liberation Coordinator, you'll mobilise other students to highlight and further the needs of marginalised communities on campus. You will make a positive, student-led change by running campaigns, History Month events, putting forward ideas to our Better Forums and lobbying for services, provisions and equality on campus. Our LibCos this year have done some fantastic work, and this is a great chance to continue their legacy.


At LUU we have roles in the following categories; Black & Minority Ethnic, Disability, LGBTQ+ and Women. To become a Liberation Coordinator you must self-identify within the category you are applying for.


Want to find out more about being a Liberation Coordinator? Have a look at the role information here.


If you have any additional questions about the role you can email the Student Led Change Team on


The deadline for Liberation Coordinator applications is Friday 18 May. Interviews will be on 24/25 May, with a training day on 6 June.

Community Reps

Our Community Reps at LUU are a huge part of what we do. They are the voice of students on a range of issues in the community, working with our partners and stakeholders. They make change through our democratic structures and through their own community projects. And they get plenty of opportunities to develop and gain new skills in the process.


Want to find out more about being a Community Rep? Have a look at the role information here.


The deadline for Community Rep applications is Sunday 13 May.

School Reps

More than 80 students are appointed to represent the views and be the voice of students in your School, promoting student-led change. They play a fundamentally important role in ensuring your School and the University provide the best possible academic experience for students, and a better place to work and study.

You can contact them to change things or raise issues you may have in your school.


Activities Exec

The Activities Executive are 13 elected students who represent members of LUU societies to the University and LUU. Being a member of the Activities Exec is an exciting way to impact the way LUU is run, as well as a great way to meet creative people and hold amazing events.

Each member of the Activities Exec represents a category of LUU societies - from Performance & Music to Welfare, they have you covered. They make key decisions about new society formations, allocate funding, chair Society Assemblies to gather feedback on proposed policies, and represent societies at the Better Union forums.