Your Reps

We Want Activities Reps

Nominations are now open to be one of our Activities Reps and will close 16 of May. Voting will open at 9am 17 May and close at 5pm 24 May.

We Want School Reps

Applications are now open to be our School Reps for September 2019. Applications close 3 May. 

You can read the role information here

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Why Volunteer?

We know that our students have a lot on their plates. Alongside studying, university is also about developing self-knowledge by gaining new experiences, meeting new people and uncovering skills you never knew you had.

One easy way of getting there is via volunteering. At LUU, we have lots of volunteer opportunities to help enhance your skills and boost your CV. Most employers recognise the skills that can be gained through voluntary work experience – from organising an event to carrying out interviews and surveys or even interacting with customers on a daily basis. Stand out from the crowd and do good things during your time at Leeds.

Get recognised for the skills you've gained and the hard work you've done through our Recognise Award scheme. Perfect for boosting those CVs.