The Top 5 House Hunting Questions You’ve Been Asking Us

The Top 5 House Hunting Questions You’ve Been Asking Us

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It’s officially house hunting season, so we can understand if you’ve been using our online student advice guide to answer your house hunting questions. We hope you managed to make it to our House Hunting Fair the other day, where we hosted landlords who don't charge any signing fees including Pickard, Prime and The Host. 


Here’s the five most popular questions you’ve been asking us, and our answers:


1. Who is a good landlord?

Visit Rate Your Landlord to find out who other students would recommend. It’s always good to try a Code of Standards landlord, as they have to meet a standard above the legal minimum.


2. Will all the best houses go first?

It’s an easy one. Nope. Unless you are looking for family, disabled provisions or an 8+ bed you can be sure Leeds has plenty of good quality places. So don’t feel pressured with ‘the good ones go early’ estate agent talk. Houses on the market in Nov/Dec actually tend to be the landlord’s poorer places.


3. When should I start house hunting?

That’s simple enough, it’s best to start when you feel ready and know what you’re looking for. It’s always good to figure out how much you can afford, where and who you want to live, and what you want from a place and what you can compromise on. House hunting season has officially kicked off in the Union and we’ve got contract checkers at the ready if this helps.  


4. Can I get my contract checked?

Yes you can. There’s an online contract checking tool here or you can drop-in to Help and Support in the Union 10am-8pm on weekdays or 12pm-4pm on weekends for the next two weeks with your contract.


5. Should I pay anything before I sign?

Nope. You shouldn’t pay anything before you sign your housing contract. So if any landlords or letting agents are asking for ‘holding fees’ or ‘admin fees’ this is money you won’t be getting back, so you may want to look elsewhere. A landlord should always give you 24 hours to look over a contract free of charge before you sign. Here’s the full low down.

We’re here for you throughout house hunting season, so come in and get your contract checked for free 10am-8pm weekdays at Help as Support or 12pm-4pm on the weekend. So bring your contract along to get free, expert advice right on your doorstep. LUU Advice are also here for you to sort out any other problems you may have. 


Happy house hunting.