NUS Elections Results

NUS Elections Results

After weeks of campaigning and a great voter turnout, we can now announce who will be representing LUU at the 2019 NUS Conferences.

Every year, LUU sends delegates to the annual National Conference as well as Liberation Conferences for LGBT+, Trans, Women, Disabled and Black students, and the delegates attending next year are:

Sections Conference:

  •         Nur Ramli [International]
  •         Flavia Serafim [Postgraduate]
  •         Adrian Ellis [Mature & Part-time]

Trans Conference:

  •         Leonidas Adams [Disabled]

LGBT+ Conference:

  •         Antony Riley [Open Delegate]
  •         Zheng Xu [Open Delegate]
  •         Tamsin Scott [Self-Defined Woman]
  •         Emily Dean [Self-Defined Woman]
  •         Catheryne Fairbairn [Self-Defined Woman]
  •         Monisha Jackson [Self-Defined BME]
  •         Leonidas Adams [Self-Defined Trans]

Black Students Conference:

  •         Axelle Nasah [Open Delegate]

National Conference:

  •         Jacob Weiner [Open Delegate]
  •         Shehab Ismail [Open Delegate]
  •         Jack Wilson [Open Delegate]
  •         Omar Vukusic [Open Delegate]
  •         Safyan Rahman [Open Delegate]
  •         Iman Sulevani [Women’s Place]
  •         Emma Jacobs [Women’s Place]
  •         Safiyyah Yacoobali [Women’s Place]
  •         Aneesa Hussain [Women’s Place]

Disabled Students Conference:

  •         Leonidas Adams [Open Delegate]

Women’s Conference:

  •         Sara Felberg [Open Delegate]
  •         Catheryne Fairbairn [Open Delegate]
  •         Monisha Jackson [Self-Defined Liberation]
  •         Safiyyah Yacoobali [Self-Defined BME]

Want to be involved? There are some conferences with places left (Sections [1 x Parent/Carer Student], Trans [1 x Open, 1 x Self-defined BME, 1 x Self-defined Woman, 1 x Non-binary] and LGBT+ [1 x Open]) – keep an eye out as we’ll likely be running a by-election to fill these in January.

Get in touch with our Political Engagement Team – – to find out more.