Essentials to Become Co-op

Essentials to Become Co-op

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Plans are developing to transform Essentials, your union supermarket, into a Co-op, providing you with more choice of products, cheaper options and a speedier shopping experience. The new store - which is expected to open during 2019 – is to be managed and run by LUU staff and members, and will launch to deliver Co-op and LUU quality, value and values conveniently. This new store in one element of a new and exciting partnership with Co-op.

Given student interest in providing value for money, two years ago, we explored partnering with national retailers. We wanted to find a partner who would align with our membership values and promote student employment.                  

We chose to partner with Co-op due to their product range, ethical standpoint, value for money and contribution to the communities they operate in. Importantly, the Co-op franchise will still be managed by LUU and run by LUU staff and members. Totum cardholders will be able to get an extra 10% off qualifying purchases within the shop and an additional 5% off Co-op products with a Co-op membership.

Your Union Affairs Officer, Chris Morris said:

“I’m really excited that we’ve made the decision to partner with Co-op and the decision to change Essentials into a Co-op store was made as it will bring new benefits to students. We already sell some Co-op products, but this will help us to get a wider variety of products on the shelves, getting you more of what you want, whilst being quicker to checkout.

“The Co-op’s values, environmental ethics and community practices are shared by LUU so we’re looking forward to working with them on a union shop that works for and listens to students.”

Partnering with Co-op will enhance the shopping experience. As the number one destination for a mid-lecture meal deal, self-service tills will be installed to speed up the queues and give you more time to enjoy your break. We will also be able to install more environmentally effective fridges and get the latest food trends on your shelves more quickly and more competitively priced.

Using the Co-op supply chain will also mean your aisles are filled with more products from basic ranges, brand ranges, and Co-op’s Irresistible ranges for the times you want to treat yourself.

Martin Rogers, Co-op’s Head of New Channels, said: “This is an important development for the Co-op, we have a long-standing focus on students and forming a relationship with LUU is a natural progression. We believe a strong Co-op can create stronger communities and this move will support our work to get closer to our members and customers, what they want, need and, care about. The investment will ensure the store will have the range, choice, ease and convenience tailored to serve campus needs.

“We also want students to know that they can become co-owners and Members of their Co-op. Having a say in how the organisation is run and, giving back to the community every time they swipe their Membership card in store when buying own brand products and services – we look forward to serving the Leeds University community.”

If you’ve got any questions on the changes to your Union, please fill out the form hereAnswers to your FAQs are now being posted here.