LUU Ballet Society welcomes all levels of experience to join their classes to keep fit, improve technique and perform.

Belly Dance

Belly Dance Society welcome beginners and pros to master the art and enjoy this ancient dance.

Bhangra Dance

All abilities welcome to learn the vibrant dance of Bhangra from the competition smashing Bhangra Dance Society.

Dance Expose

Dance Expose invites passionate and diverse dancers of any style to join their eclectic troupe of 50 performers.


Newbies and experts welcome to learn Latin and Ballroom dance skills with professional instructors to become competition ready.

Irish Dancing

Beginners and seasoned competitors alike are welcome to learn and perform regularly at events and venues across Leeds.

Leeds Freestyle

Dancers from all backgrounds can get involved in weekly Freestyle sessions and train with professionals for national competitions.

Modern Dance

Lessons in jazz, tap, contemporary and body conditioning. Newbies and pros can train, work out and even compete.


Join Salsa Soc every Tuesday night, regardless of your ability, they’ll have your hips swinging in no time.

Scottish Dance

Anyone can learn Scottish Country dancing, it’s made up of simple steps, kilts are optional but encouraged.

Street Dance

Dancers from any style can find their space in Street Dance. With choreographers, socials, workshops, competitions and shows.


Get into the swing with jazzy vibes. Learn how to Lindy Hop to become the ultimate smooth mover.

Vertical Fitness

A workout like no other, pole dancing will test your flexibility, strength and balance whilst boosting your self-confidence.

Vibes: Bollywood Dance

Vibes are a Bollywood troupe of trained dancers, fanatical about Bollywood. Be part of their show-stopping performances.