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Feed Your Flat with LUU Co-op: Pizza Bagels & Potato Wedges

You might have seen our new ‘Feed Your Flat’ series over on Instagram, where we show you easy, affordable recipes to feed your flat for less than £10. All the ingredients are available from the LUU Co-op store, making picking up dinner as convenient as can be. If you prefer to work off a written recipe, we’re publishing them here too so you can use whatever works best for you.

Co-op’s also a great shout for students, with its 10% student discount for all TOTUM card holders and special perks for its own members, to make your flat dinner even more bank balance friendly.

First up is pizza bagels and wedges, a delicious way to fill up a house full of hungry students on the cheap. This recipe should come in at just £5.66 when food shopping at Co-op!