Meet the Candidates: Wellbeing Officer

Campaigning has officially kicked off for LeadLUU 2022, and it’s time for you to decide who you’ll be voting for when the polls open next week. 

Every candidate has written up a statement and created a poster to outline their policies and priorities if they win the election, which you can find over on our voting site. These statements are the very best way to help you decide who to vote for next week, with detailed information about what each candidate will work to change should they be elected. There’s also a Question Time event taking place on Tuesday 22 February, which is the perfect opportunity to understand what each candidate is all about.

Here, we’ve chatted to lots of our candidates about all things LUU, to give you a closer look at who will represent you best – even down to their Old Bar order! To ensure you’re engaging with everyone’s campaigns, be sure to visit this page.

Voting opens on Monday 28 February, and closes at 7pm on Thursday 3 March. Right now, it’s time to decide who you’ll be cheering on.