A woman holding a green recycling box bin

Meet your 2020-21 Community Reps

We’re so pleased to announce your Community Reps for 2020-21 – fellow students who have been selected to represent your voice in the community.

They lobby for action on issues affecting students with a focus on housing and the environment, and get student voices heard on the things that matter to them. They also work to strengthen students’ sense of belonging in the community (whether they live locally or commute) by running campaigns, events and projects at LUU and in the local area.

Community Officer Lotti said : “I’m so excited to work with the Community Reps this year! They really demonstrated their passion and creativity throughout the recruitment process and I can’t wait to start work on their ideas. It’s absolutely crucial that students are heard, represented and fought for this year, and I’m looking forward to seeing the Community Reps start this work on a call for action on the issues affecting students the most.”

Find out what your seven new Community Reps are all about below.