Leeds University Union – We’re back on campus!

UPDATE: 7 September

LUU is back on campus but we’re still offering virtual events – read more in our Virtual Union section.

This news article was originally published in June 2020 under the title: “Leeds University Union – 100% virtual, 100% still helping students”

Like all organisations, Leeds University Union has had to rapidly react to the impact of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) on the UK.

In line with the latest guidance from the Government, we have changed how we work, abiding by three key principles:

The need to provide key services to our students and support their wellbeing
The need to protect our staff and their wellbeing
Adapting services as we are directed by the Government to do so and in partnership with the University of Leeds

We were able to keep services open as long as possible for the students remaining on campus but following the Government announcement on 23 March, the building is now closed.

100% of our support staff are now working from home and we now offer a ‘virtual advice service’ where students can receive support via video link.