Your Student Exec Speak Out Against ‘A Women’s Place’

“As your student executive, we do not condone the messages expressed by the organisation ‘A Woman’s Place’. We deem their views  transphobic and hateful, and, as the elected voices of Leeds University students, we challenge their views. Whilst we understand the importance of free speech in society, we don’t think this should come at the cost of people feeling unsafe in their own city. The values of ‘A Woman’s Place’ do not represent those of LUU, the majority of our students, or the wider community. We encourage the community to stand with us to reject ‘A Woman’s Place’, and to come to LUU if they need any more information around the event taking place. If anyone has been affected by discussions raised by ‘A Woman’s Place’, please contact Tamsin Scott at, LUU’s LGBT* Society or Trans*Leeds”

You Student Executive