Sexual Harassment

We have a Zero Tolerance approach to sexual harassment.

The NUS define sexual harassment as:

Any form of unwanted verbal (such as; sexual comments, unwanted questions & derogatory sexual remarks), non-verbal (such as; wolf-whistling) or physical conduct of a sexual nature which creates an intimidating, hostile, degrading or offensive environment (including; groping, pinching & lifting up a skirt).”

We’ve Got Your Back Campaign

Representatives from the West Yorkshire Police, Leeds City Council, the University of Leeds and Leeds University Union came together and pledged to make Leeds a city free from sexual harassment by training staff at bars and nightclubs around the city.

Any incidents that arise within LUU can be reported to ANY member of staff, all of whom are trained in what to do if an incident arises, at any time. The person who experienced the incident will be fully supported and be able to decide what they want to happen next. The perpetrator, if identified, will be dealt with appropriately.

If you find yourself in an external venue that displays the We’ve Got Your Back logo, you will be able to go through this same process.

Ask Angela

If you are uncomfortable with the person/people you are with, go to the bar or find a member of staff and ask for Angela. Our staff will then help you to discreetly get away from your party and advise you on how to get home safely.