Better Forums Web Graphic

The policies that passed at this term’s Better Forums

Last week we held this term’s Better Forums – our process for approving new Union policy put forward by Leeds students with ideas to improve LUU, the University of Leeds and the city as a whole.

Taking place over Zoom, your full Exec team were in attendance, along with 20 Reps and 14 panel members. In order to pass, an Idea needed 11 out of 14 votes. Here are the Ideas that will become LUU policy for the next three years.


Should LUU provide Carbon Literacy Training for staff and student leaders?

For: 12, Against: 1

Should LUU implement a loyalty scheme within its outlets? 

For: 13, Against: 1

Should LUU update their complaints, disciplinary, and appeals procedures? 

This proposal was brought forward because we want to make a change to LUU’s governance. As a charity, we must take a number of steps to do so, including consulting our members.

For: 14, Against: 0

Should LUU and the University commit to providing more sustainable products to people who menstruate?

For: 13, Against: 1

Should LUU explore a working definition of Islamophobia, led by Muslim students at Leeds? 

For: 13, Against: 1


Unfortunately the Ideas submitted for Better University and Better Leeds were not voted on due to an insufficient number of School and PGR Reps in attendance.

The next Better Forums are scheduled for November. You can submit your own policy idea here or contact our Political Engagement Team to discuss it.