What we’re all about

The Volleyball Club at LUU welcomes players of all abilities and includes sessions for beginners, intermediates and advanced players. Whether you  have international squad experience, played with us last year or have never touched a volleyball in your life, you are very welcome!


Men/Women's 1st team training: Mondays 8pm-10pm at Gryphon Sports Centre
Men/Women's 2nd team training: Sundays 6pm-8pm at Gryphon Sports Centre

Beginner Training: Fridays 5pm-6.20pm at Gryphon Sports Centre
Intermediate Training: Fridays 6.30pm-8pm at Gryphon Sports Centre


As a society, we aren't all about playing volleyball. Our socials aim to create an environment for all club members to meet regularly, party together and make friends for life. We want everyone to feel included and offer a number of chilled out sober socials such as pizza night-ins alongside ones where we strut our stuff on a night out.


Beginners and Intermediates membership:
Standard year-long membership: £25
Single semester Membership: £15 

Team Membership (1st and 2nd teams):
Standard year-long Membership: £45
Single semester Membership: £25


LUU Volleyball Guidelines Signed.pdf

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