About Us

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Who We Are

Our mission is simple. We’re here to make sure students love their time at Leeds.

Any student at the University of Leeds can be a member of LUU, and membership includes things like free, confidential student advice, student-focused representation, social activities and clubs and societies to name a few. You need to opt-in to become a member during registration, so if you didn't opt-in but you've changed your mind, email the registration team here. 

We’re our members’ go-to place for wellbeing, representation and anything student life. You can find out a bit more about us by watching our video here.

Leeds University Union is a charity led by a group of six elected officers, supported by over 150 full-time staff members, 500 student members of staff, and hundreds of dedicated volunteers.

Come say hello. You’ll find us right in the middle of campus and online.  

Where We’ve Come From

Leeds University Union’s first iteration was as one of the various societies of the Yorkshire College, created back in 1877. Work began on the LUU building we can recognise today in 1937, possibly thanks to a large donation from W Riley-Smith Tadcaster.

It wasn’t until 1944 when presidents and vice-presidents of the Union were official members of the University Council, where their role was to represent students’ interests at the highest level.

Where We’re Going

Back in September 2018 we launched a brand new strategic plan laying out the road ahead for us as an organisation.

Check out where we’re heading here.