What we’re all about

Karate originates from the Japanese island Okinawa and literally means 'empty hand'. It is an unarmed form of combat using the hands and feet to deliver strikes and blocks. Training consists of kihon (basic techniques), kata (forms), kumite (sparring) and the main form of Karate practiced is Shukokai. Sessions are fun and friendly and suitable for all ages and abilities. Beginners just need to bring loose fitting clothing and a good attitude.


Our sessions take place on Thursdays 8-10PM at Cromer Terrace and on Sundays in Studio 2 at the Edge, 7-9PM.


Membership is just £18 for the year or £26 with uniform. Returning members will pay just £15 which covers your license fee, membership and insurance. It is then £3 per session you take or there are other up front alternative plans available.



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