Hung Kuen

What we’re all about

We deliver traditional Chinese martial arts in the fullest way possible. Teaching the southern Shaolin style, Hung Ga Kuen, that incorporates traditional forms with self-defence techniques as well as including lessons on culture, tea ceremony, meditation and philosophy.


There are two 90 minute lessons per week. Each lesson consists of 1-hour teaching and 30 minutes self-practice. Teaching will begin with learning the basic stances, kicks and punches and incorporate forms, as our abilities progress the classes are tailored to become advance. Additional self-practice lessons will be included throughout the term as well as guest teachers. Gradings will be 2 times a year for each participant to get examined and move up a belt.


3 mandatory meetings once a term within which we will discuss current memberships, finances and any issues regarding governance, where society members can bring up and issues or suggestions to improve our club. The last meeting of the year will be an election where all members of the society can vote on committee members for different roles.


Socials will range from special workshops around traditional Chinese culture and mediation, which could be a collaborative event with other related societies, to tea ceremonies and movie evenings for our members and some free sessions for non-membership.


Current normal membership will be set to £15 per year and includes one lesson a week and a discount for other lessons at £3 or an exclusive membership at £30 per year which includes all lessons and uniform cost covered. Non-members pay £5 per lesson.

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