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Open Theatre

The alternative theatre society. Facilitating your ideas to create innovative performance. The floor is yours.
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You have just stumbled upon the alternative performance society at Leeds University 



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Twitter: @OpenTheatreSoc

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Let Us Introduce Ourselves... 

Open Theatre is a performance society and we aim to produce shows just "that little bit different". Productions that poke at the boundaries of theatre as well as original takes on recognised classics

This is the society, where if you want something to happen, we will make it happen.

Whether it be a piece of new-writing or physical theatre, an idea you think about in the shower - even 'IKEA: the musical' ... we want to hear it.

OT is a platform from which you can explore all aspects of theatre and truly make the most of your time at Leeds. 

What Do We Do?


We aim to produce 5+ professional standard shows a year and we are lucky enough to have access to various flexible and well-equipped theatre spaces, including those in Stage@Leeds.  

Last year was our most successful yet, with a range of productions from new writing to adaptation, devised to verbatim.

This year our second semester shows are as follows:



Proposals are coming up very soon (closing date is currently Saturday 14th May)! And this year a few things have changed, so here’s what you need to know:

Here at OT we love new writing and alternative theatre, and because of this we have decided to shift our focus to these types of shows, whereas Theatre Group will now continue to specialise in classical and contemporary plays. We often do overlap a lot, but by submitting a short form before proposals, we can let you know if we think your proposal is more suited to the other society. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t propose classical or contemporary shows to us or even pieces of new writing to TG, you still can, but we will be looking specifically for that bit of spark that makes it different from your usual Pros Arch, Straight Acting sort of show.

OT and TG will both require our forms back on the same day, and we will let you know as soon as possible if we recommend that you propose to the other society instead. So if you wish to propose, please fill out the attached form and email it to us (or TG if you wish to propose to them) by 14th MAY.

After this form, we will invite you to come along and have a nice, informal chat with us about your show. This gives everyone the chance to have questions asked to them, and to clarify any details you feel you couldn’t fit into writing, as well as allowing the committee to get more of an insight into your ideas. This chat will not be compulsory, but we recommend everyone comes along and makes use of the time!

If you’re successful in getting short listed, we will then invite you to more of a formal (but not at all scary) meeting with a few of the committee where we will discuss and talk logistically about how you want to achieve your creative dreams, and how we as a society can provide support for that.

You are taking the first step to creating your own mark on campus, and we really appreciate you considering us to be the people who can help you do that.

When you’ve filled out the form below, please send it to by Saturday 14th May and we will get back to you as soon as we can! Thank you, and we cannot wait to hear your ideas!


As well as putting on shows, we also offer workshops in a variety of performance genres. This is such a great opportunity for anyone wanting to learn some new skills and gain some professional experience. 

We held a workshop on Feb 4th 2015, with the fantastic Manic Chord Theatre. Having spent 2 hours looking at their techniques, getting an insight into their devising process as well as the opportunity to ask any questions you may have concerning professional theatre, Edinburgh Fringe and anything else that comes to mind! We plan to have more exciting workshops for this next coming year.

We will have the Paper Birds Theatre Company coming to do a workshop with us on the 2nd March. Check our Facebook page for more info and the event page.

Our Give It A Go session will be on 2nd Feb, a great opportunity for anyone to come along and see what we're all about. This workshop will involve an introduction to devising theatre through new writing and physical theatre. Keep your eyes on our Facebook and Twitter for more details. 


We have a very experienced Social Secretary, who plans events from post-show drinks and nights out to theatre visits with discount tickets. We're very friendly and keen for everyone to get involved!

- OTG Otley Run 3rd Feb 


Find us on YouTube 

Freshers Video 2015 -

'Bones' Trailer -

'Lysistrata' Trailer -


News and Reviews 

In the 'Useful documents' section below, you can find reviews of some of our more recent productions. These reviews were published in The Scribe, The University of Leeds' Arts Magazine (

Stay connected to Open Theatre and follow us on Twitter (worth it just for animal videos and an alternative guide to Leeds)



Dates for the Diary

GIAG 2nd Feb 5-7pm CWS G11b

OT & TG Otley Run 3rd Feb 7pm 

OT hosts Riptide talk with Alex Palmer 17th Feb 

OT Presents Jerusalem Auditions 18th - 19th Feb 5pm

'MIllennials' New writing by Jonny Dowsett 25th - 27th Feb Alec Clegg

OTs workshop with Paper Birds Theatre company 2nd March

'Jerusalem' by Jez Butterworth 19th - 21st April Banham 

'Tabula rasa' New writing by David Ley 26th - 28th April Banham

'Seven' New writing by Dan Sareen 5 - 7th May Alec Clegg

Useful documents

  • Social Guidelines

    Should you be running a social, check out the guidelines for events you run.

  • Download Risk Assessment

    Our risk assessment

  • Hedda Gabler Review

    Another review from The Scribe magazine, of our second semester production 'Hedda Gabler', a bold adaptation of Ibsen's classic drama.

  • Motherland Review

    Our very own Alice Boulton Breeze directed this piece of verbatim theatre as part of The Little Leeds Fringe. Here's the review!

  • OT Proposal Form

    If you are wishing to propose a show to OT please use this form and follow the instructions on it. Be aware, some things have changed so read carefully.

  • The Aleph Review

    Jess Macdonald reviews The Aleph for The Scribe magazine. Fun fact: Jess went on to work with Open Theatre when she directed her play 'But Then There Was Ella' later in the year!



Social Secretary




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