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Open Theatre

Open Theatre Society; Leeds' very own experimental theatre society.
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Introducing Ourselves!

We are Open Theatre, the experimental performance society at Leeds University! Here at Open Theatre we love new writing and alternative types of theatre, in other words; all theatre weird and wonderful! We are a fun and approachable society that produces professional sell out work!

Here at open theatre we love to experiment with new ideas and we are not afraid to go beyond the boundaries. Whether it be a piece of new-writing or physical theatre, an idea you think about in the shower - even 'IKEA: the musical' ... we want to hear it.

Committee Members

President: Jonny Dowsett

Vice-President: Chloe Lovatt

Secretary: Charlotte Ranson

Publicity: Leah Taylor

Social Sec: Denys Woolley

Treasurer: Dan Sareen

Open Seat: Anna Yonish

Open Seat: Donny Weerasekera

What do we do?

We produce on average between 3 and 4 professional standard shows per semester and we are lucky enough to have access to various flexible and well-equipped theatre spaces, including those in Stage@Leeds.


Anyone is allowed to propose a show to us, whether it’s your favourite play that you’ve had this exciting idea about or whether it’s a play you’ve written yourself!

Before you do think about proposing you need to know that we prioritise new and alternative theatre and because of this we have decided to shift our focus to these types of shows, whereas Theatre Group will now continue to specialise in classical and contemporary plays. We often do overlap a lot, but by submitting a short form before proposals, we can let you know if we think your proposal is more suited to the other society. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t propose classical or contemporary shows to us or even pieces of new writing to TG, you still can, but we will be looking specifically for that bit of spark that makes it different from your usual Pros Arch, Straight Acting sort of show.

Open Theatre and Theatre Group will both require our forms back on the same day, and we will let you know as soon as possible if we recommend that you propose to the other society instead.

After this form, we will invite you to come along and have a nice, informal chat with us about your show. This gives everyone the chance to have questions asked to them, and to clarify any details you feel you couldn’t fit into writing, as well as allowing the committee to get more of an insight into your ideas. This chat will not be compulsory, but we recommend everyone comes along and makes use of the time!

If you’re successful in getting short listed, we will then invite you to more of a formal (but not at all scary) meeting with a few of the committee where we will discuss and talk logistically about how you want to achieve your creative dreams, and how we as a society can provide support for that.


First Semester Auditions/Shows

Internet Killed the Video Star

Our first show of the academic year is always a devised piece that gives students the opportunity to get their thinking caps on, make friends and give it a go! If you’re feeling unsure, nervous or anxious about getting involved, our devised shows are great ice breakers! This year’s title is ‘Internet Killed the Video Star’… that’s all you get given…a title… the rest is up to you!

Auditions/Give it a Go: 28th September, 6-8pm, Clothworkers South Room G14.

Show: Wednesday 19th October- Friday 21st October at 7pm.

Director: Yet to be decided.

Place of Performance: The Alec Clegg Studio(Stage@Leeds)

Cloud Cuckoo Land

Hopeful is lost in a strange wasteland; there are only two things she can recognise: Birds and Politics. Neither of these seem very helpful. Metropolitan life was getting unbearable, but now there is even more mindless tweeting and political flap. Surrounded by feathers and clouds the only rational solution is to try and take over the universe.

314 BC’s second biggest satire is back again after all this time, like Pokemon and popular xenophobia. Adapted from Aristophanes’ “The Birds” Cloud Cuckoo Land is coming to Leeds.

Auditions: Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th of September

Call Back: Wednesday 21st September

Show: 25th- 27th October

Directed by: Tim McConnell

Place of performance: Banham Theatre


The Structural Integrity of a Peach

Yeah, a metaphor. A good one. I think I will explain it. It’s obscure enough that they won’t be able to guess what I mean. But I’ll leave it ‘til the end...” Fall in love. Have an affair. Threaten a friend. Listen to the voices in your head: In ‘the Structural Integrity of a Peach’ a brash Hunter struggles to voice newfound emotions, Martin is surrounded by people who just don’t care, and a blind Alice seeks foresight through conversations with the devil in the park. As a family of three is thrown into a state of flux by circumstance, social withdrawal becomes the consequence of the inability to talk to each other. ‘The Structural Integrity of a Peach’ explores a world of coping mechanisms for personal inadequacies. It shows us how, in an effort to escape the pains of the everyday, violence, imagination and distraction become solace. In the game of hide and seek from real life, what emerges is a niche little window into human interaction that is charmingly awkward, painfully accurate- and just a little bit quirky. “Just throw a tagline at them. Ridiculously pretentious and non-sensical, but catchy. ‘Love is a seven sided dice’. There you go, they’ll be hooked.”

Auditions: Thursday 29th and Friday 30th September 5-9.30 G11a Clothworkers South Building.

Call backs: Saturday 1st October 5-9.30 G11a Clothworkers South Building.

Show: Thursday 10th till Saturday 12th November 7.30pm

Director: Dan Sareen

Place of Performance: Stage One (Stage@Leeds)


Passion Play

People used to have angels on their shoulders. But there is a gap manifesting in the difference between public speech and private thought and that is people's unknowability. Jeer from the frontline of marital betrayal, adultery, lust, love. This is an immersive experience to get intimate with.

Auditions: Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th October

Call backs: Wednesday 5th October

Show: 21st – 26th November (excluding 24th)

Director: Charlotte Everest

Place of Performance: Site Specific Little Leeds Union House



Manic Chord: Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th of October. Price is yet to be confirmed.

We are currently arranging a riptide Workshop for this semester. Prices, times and dates are yet to be confirmed (Est 31st October).


Our bubbly and ‘up fora laf’ Social Sec Denys Woolley, has arranged a social on Monday the 26th of September alongside Theatre Group at Leeds University Unions Bar ‘Terrace’. Please come along and introduce yourself, it’s a perfect time to make friends! We are super friendly and keen for everyone to be involved. No membership required.


Check out our Showreel from last year, this will give you a taster of what we are all about:

Feel free to take a browse of our channel!


Dates for the Diary

Monday 19th Sept: Cloud Cuckoo Land Auditions

Tuesday 20th Sept: Cloud Cuckoo Land Auditions

Wednesday 21st Sept: Cloud Cuckoo Land Call Backs.

Monday 26th of Sept: TG/OT Social at Terrace 7.30pm.

Wednesday 28th Sept: Internet Killed the Video Star (Devised) Auditions/Give it a go.

Thursday 29th Sept: The Structural Integrity of a Peach Auditions.

Friday 30th Sept: The Structural Integrity of a Peach Auditions.

Saturday 1st Oct: The Structural Integrity of a Peach Call Backs.

Monday 3rd of Oct: Passion Play Auditions

Tuesday 4th of Oct: Passion Play Auditions

Wednesday 5th of Oct: Passion Play Auditions.

Monday 17th of October: Manic Chord Workshop

Tuesday 18h of October: Manic Chord Workshop.

Thursday 20th October: Internet Killed the Video Star performance at Alec Clegg.

Friday 21st October: Internet Killed the Video Star performance at Alec Clegg.

Tuesday 25th of October: Cloud Cuckoo Land Performance at Banham Theatre.

Wednesday 26th October: Cloud Cuckoo Land Performance at Banham Theatre.

Thursday 27th October: Cloud Cuckoo Land Performance at Banham Theatre.

Thursday 10th of November: The Structural Integrity of a Peach performance at Stage One.

Friday 11th of November: The Structural Integrity of a Peach performance at Stage One.

Saturday 12th of November: The Structural Integrity of a Peach performance at Stage One.

Monday 21st of November: Passion Play performance Little Leeds Union House

Monday 22nd of November: Passion Play performance Little Leeds Union House

Monday 23rd of November: Passion Play performance Little Leeds Union House.

Monday 25th of November: Passion Play performance Little Leeds Union House

Monday 26th of November: Passion Play performance Little Leeds Union House

Social Media


Useful documents

  • Social Guidelines

    Should you be running a social, check out the guidelines for events you run.

  • Download Risk Assessment

    Our risk assessment

  • Hedda Gabler Review

    Another review from The Scribe magazine, of our second semester production 'Hedda Gabler', a bold adaptation of Ibsen's classic drama.

  • Motherland Review

    Our very own Alice Boulton Breeze directed this piece of verbatim theatre as part of The Little Leeds Fringe. Here's the review!

  • OT Proposal Form

    If you are wishing to propose a show to OT please use this form and follow the instructions on it. Be aware, some things have changed so read carefully.

  • The Aleph Review

    Jess Macdonald reviews The Aleph for The Scribe magazine. Fun fact: Jess went on to work with Open Theatre when she directed her play 'But Then There Was Ella' later in the year!


Mon 31st October

Riptide Talk and Q+A
5pm - 7pm
Clothworkers South Building - G14
Leeds based immersive theatre company Riptide are coming to do a talk! This talk will be half a presentation and half a speed dating type q+a session with The Creative Director, Producer and Writer. Please prepare questions!


Open Seat

Social Secretary






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