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Open Theatre

Open Theatre Society; Leeds' very own experimental theatre society.
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Introducing Ourselves!

We are Open Theatre, the experimental performance society at Leeds University! Here at Open Theatre we love new writing and alternative types of theatre, in other words; all theatre weird and wonderful! We are a fun and approachable society that produces professional sell out work!

Here at open theatre we love to experiment with new ideas and we are not afraid to go beyond the boundaries. Whether it be a piece of new-writing or physical theatre, an idea you think about in the shower - even 'IKEA: the musical' ... we want to hear it.

Committee Members

President: Jonny Dowsett

Vice-President: Chloe Lovatt

Secretary: Charlotte Ranson

Publicity: Leah Taylor

Social Sec: Denys Woolley

Treasurer: Dan Sareen

Open Seat: Anna Yonish

What do we do?

We produce on average between 3 and 4 professional standard shows per semester and we are lucky enough to have access to various flexible and well-equipped theatre spaces, including those in Stage@Leeds.


Anyone is allowed to propose a show to us, whether it’s your favourite play that you’ve had this exciting idea about or whether it’s a play you’ve written yourself!

Before you do think about proposing you need to know that we prioritise new and alternative theatre and because of this we have decided to shift our focus to these types of shows. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t propose classical or contemporary shows to us, you still can, but we will be looking specifically for that bit of spark that makes it different from your usual sort of show.

If you’re successful in getting short listed, we will then invite you to sort of formal (but not at all scary) meeting with a few of the committee where we will discuss and talk logistically about how you want to achieve your creative dreams, and how we as a society can provide support for that.


We have officially decided our Second Semester Shows but if you're thinking of proposing to us for First Semester of the 2017/2018 academic year then start planning your proposals now! We usually open proposals around May/June for the next academic semester.

Second Semester Shows 2017


If you were granted any wish, what would you wish for? World peace? Money? Power? Gordon's desires lie elsewhere, and he's about to make them come true, no matter how dark they might be. 

‘Ink Boy,’ a new dark surrealist comedy from Josh Kirby and Hugo Jones, tells the story of a man mistakenly granted magical wishes. This administrative error takes a dark turn with terrible consequences as we discover what people are truly capable of.

Auditions: CLOSED

Show: 7.30pm Thursday 9th till Saturday 11th February 2017

Director: Josh Kirby and Hugo Jones

Place of Performance: Alec Clegg (Stage@Leeds)



Nobody is really sure if Indigo has his own room. He's often found in the common room in the early hours by those coming back from a night of debauchery or those who just can't sleep, and nobody has a clue where he's come from. Can what he always says at pre-drinks really be true? Sophie isn't sure, but he likes her poetry, and that's good enough for her. 

People say that your first year of uni changes you forever, but nobody tells you that it might just change the fabric of reality itself.

Auditions: CLOSED

Show: 7pm Tuesday 21st, Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd of February.

Director: Dylan Marsh

Place of Performance: Banham Theatre located in the Michael Sadler Building.



‘A child is born into a world of phenomena all equal in their power to enslave. It sniffs – it sucks. Suddenly one strikes. Why?’ Creativity and reason. Desire and morality. Individuality and community. There are countless personal and societal forces which act on a person, and often one’s individual impulses are fundamentally opposed to the behaviour expected of them. When internalised, these expectations can create a distinct duality within a person. Join Dr Martin Dysart as he analyses the mind of Alan Strang, a boy for whom the gap between normality and reality has grown too large, and has manifested itself in a most violent and ugly way. ‘It was sexy. That’s what you want to know, isn’t it? All right, it was. I was pushed forward on the horse. There was sweat on my legs from its neck. All that power going anyway you wanted…’

Auditions: CLOSED

Show: 8.30pm Thursday 9th March- Saturday 11th March. 

Director: Andrew Brown and Becky Downing

Place of Performance:Stage One in Stage@Leeds.


Give it a Go

Have you been debating doing theatre but have being anxious about getting involved? Have you heard about Open Theatre but are not sure what we are all about? Do you want to goof around for two hours? COME ALONG TO OT's GIVE IT A GO!!!

5-7pm on March 2nd in Baines Wing (1.06)
This room is a bit of a farse to find so if you are unsure on its where abouts one or two of us will be at the helpdesk in the union from 4.50 waiting in our black Open Theatre T-shirts to take you over!

This Give it a Go will be packed full of fun drama game, is a great chance to meet new people and a chance to find out about us as a society and the past shows we have done... For any specific questions about the GIAG just send our Facebook page a message and we will reply within hours.



Check out our Showreel from last year, this will give you a taster of what we are all about:

Feel free to take a browse of our channel!

Social Media

Instagram: opentheatresoc


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