What we’re all about

If you think you have a great idea, want to start your own business or just have an interest in all things business and enterprise, then we are the society for you. Our aim is to help enterprising students to develop and achieve their ambitions by offering motivation, advice, resources and opportunities. Throughout the year we run events to allow you to develop your skills and network and meet with other enterprising students as well as with key organisations to help you with your future career.


We run a great mix of events from GIAG socials, skills workshops and competitions.

We run a healthy mix of events from our year-round Business Idea Competition where participants develop solutions to real-life problems alongside their mentors, and implementing their idea in the market, to our CEO Summit, where students get the opportunity to network with meeting some of brightest minds in the UK's business world.


We team up with internal and external groups such as OKTACO and Social Enterprise UK (SEUK) to bring you some of the biggest society socials available! If you need to blow off some steam or just want to party: work hard, play hard!


Membership will be £7 for the year, £13 for two years and £18 for three years. Membership includes: discount printing, invitation to exclusive events, access to social sports teams and much more.

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