Afghan Society

The Afghan Society (LUAS) aims to bring students from different cultural background together to promote cultural and academic events.

African Caribbean

This Society focuses on the celebration and education of black culture. Expect socials, campaigns and cultural events.

Bengali (Bangladeshi)

Get to know your fellow Bengali students with Bengali-themed events including movie nights and foodie evenings.

British Born Chinese

This Society brings Chinese and British cultures together, balancing academic life with the social experience of University.

Brunei Leeds

Discover all about Brunei with plenty of events including Eid, a National Day dinner and a cultural exhibition.

Bulgarian society logo


We are a society that aims to spread knowledge about Bulgarian culture.

Canadian Society

The Canadian Society celebrates Canada and Canadian culture.


Chinese students and scholars can get support and keep Chinese culture alive by joining this Association.

East African

Have the full East African experience even if you are away from home with events throughout the year.

Erasmus and International Exchange

This Society helps all exchange students to meet people and make the most of their British University experience.


A safe haven for Filipino home, international students and every student staff with loads of activities. We'd love to welcome you to our little family.


This Society provides a slice of Ghana through social and educational activities along with supporting Ghanaian students abroad

Greek and Cypriot Society

Greek and Cypriot students can find a home here and promote their customs to the local student community.

Hong Kong

This Society provides guidance for Hong Kong students and run a range of trips and socials.

Iranian Society

This Society helps Iranian students to settle in and celebrate special events from Shab-e-Yalda to Persian New Year.

Japanese Society

Anyone from Japan or anyone in love with Japanese culture can enjoy a social calendar of Kawaii events.


Korean students and students interested in Korean culture enjoy weekly socials, movie nights, and career events.


A platform for Kurdish and non-Kurdish students to enjoy and learn about the many aspects of Kurdish culture.


We are a group of Kuwaiti students from different courses, helping new and returning students and bringing Kuwaitis together.

Leeds Indian Students Association

From Holi to Diwali celebrations, the Association invites everyone to celebrate Indian culture with events throughout the year.

Leeds Indonesian Society

Indonesian students can feel supported in making a home away from home and explore the UK.

Leeds Sri Lankan Society

Learn more about the country, traditions and culture of Sri Lanka with events centred around traditional foods, games and festivals. All students welcome.


Showing off all Libya has to offer with regular cultural, historical and foodie events open to all.


Official society of Lithuanian students in Leeds. We're passionate about sharing our culture and socialising with like-minded people.


Experience Malaysian hospitality, wonders and marvels with us!

Malaysian and Singaporean

Malaysian and Singaporean students can find a home here and get support with the transition of UK living.


Get involved in all that is Mexican from piñata workshops, Mexican celebrations to forums discussing Mexican issues.

Middle Eastern and North African

Paving the way towards an integrated Arab community by promoting equality for in the Middle East and North Africa.


We are a newly-established society that brings our fellow Myanmar students in Leeds together and keeps the Myanmar culture alive for everyone to explore.


The Nigerian Students Society host social and sporting events and offer support for Nigerian students away from home.


Omani students can find a home here feeling supported in one of the UK's largest collective Omani groups.


Polish and non-Polish students are invited to experience Polish culture with language classes and the Tlusty Czwartek celebration.


A club for Romanians and others to embrace social and cultural activities.


The Saudi society in the University of Leeds is open for all Saudi students who live in Leeds and the surrounding areas, irrespective of their institutions.


Singaporean students can feel supported and find a community within Leeds with plenty of socialising events.

Somali society generic logo


The Somali Society aims to bring together students to experience Somali culture.


There’s always bubble tea and friendly faces, celebrating all Taiwan has to offer including Taiwanese day.


Thai students can get support and integrate into UK life while showcasing all Thai culture has to offer.

Third Culture Kid

A society for those who identify as Third Culture Kids and anyone interested in spending time in an international environment.


Vietnamese students can promote Vietnamese culture on campus and get the support needed living abroad.


Welsh Society brings Welsh students together in celebrating their culture from St David’s Day festivities to language classes.