Spoken Word

Sharing Ideas. Encouraging Inclusion. Advocating Community.

Spoken Word Society is here for all of you poets, rappers, singers and writers, searching for a space to share your scribbles on stage!

What we’re all about!

LUU Spoken Word Society provides a creative platform, all about giving people the opportunity to express themselves through words. There is no limit on what can be performed, from poetry about yourself, to a song that you just wanna show off to a few people, or a story you’re keen on telling, maybe even a rap you’d want to release, ANYTHING GOES. Spoken word encompasses a broad range of styles, formats and languages, the possibilities are limitless and all are welcome! It’s important your voices are heard! Listeners also more than welcome too!

Spoken word is whatever you want it to be so come along and make it your own! Whether you’re a pro or someone who’s just beginning, we create a supportive and safe environment for everyone to feel welcomed. So if you love soaking up great sounds but you aren’t the performing type, don’t worry – we won’t put you on the spot! It’s the clappers and clickers as much as the rappers and rhymers who give our nights their buzz!

Free Membership

This year we’ve made our membership free, propagating our core values of diversity and inclusion by encouraging accessibility to our events for people from a myriad of backgrounds!


Check out our Facebook @LuuSpokenwordSociety, our Twitter @LUSpokenWord or our Instagram @luspokenword to be kept updated! Event registrations will be posted on our website https://luusws.com.

We run regular weekly events, including open mics, workshops and socials, advertising these on our socials so go check them out!

This year our events would all be virtual in line with Covid-19 restrictions and government guidelines, but worry not as we are making them as exciting as possible to give you the best Spoken Word experience, even in these difficult times!

We also love collaborating with other LUU societies! Last semester we had a popular Movember workshop in collaboration with LUU Mind Matters and LUU Mantality, “Write, Release, Speak!” which we hope to continue into regular workshops this year! We also had collaborations with LUU Coffee Society (Latte Night Thoughts), LUU Women In Leadership Society (All Seen All Heard) and LUU Comedy Society (Taking The Mic!)

We also compete in UniSlam every year and are working on hosting some well-known spoken word artists on home turf to conduct workshops! Last year we travelled to Sheffield to see the amazing Kate Tempest… who knows, maybe you’ll even catch the bug and Give It A Go yourself…

How To Find Us

Visit our website and register for events – luusws.com

Like us on Facebook – LuuSpokenWordSociety

Follow us on Instagram – @luspokenword

Follow us on Twitter – @LUSpokenWord

We have a WhatsApp group for members! Drop us a message and we’ll send you the join link!

Contact us at leedsspokenword@gmail.com