KPOP Dance Society (KDS)

At the Kpop Dance Society there's a place for everyone! Whether you're a long time fan of Kpop or if you've just discovered it, everyone is welcome to join us.

We welcome everyone regardless of dancing ability – we just want you to have fun! KDS aims to celebrate Korean music as well as culture through music and dance performances. So, if you want to learn the choreography to some of your favourite songs, make lasting friendships, and have an all-round amazing time, come and join our KDS family!

Members also have the opportunity to make their own cover videos which are posted on the KDS YouTube channel – if you’re interested just get in touch with the committee. We also take part in dance competitions (such as the LUU Dance Competition – where we won Best Group Performance 18/19) and dance shows like the annual LUU Dance Showcase – we hold auditions for these throughout the year so keep your ears open! (And if you’re someone daunted by the prospect of auditions, don’t be! We aim to give absolutely everyone who wants to a chance to perform!)

Our physical tutorials are currently suspended due to COVID-19, however we are continuing dancing online! We hold live-streamed tutorials for our members over Zoom every Friday from 7-8:30, and every week the song we teach is chosen by our members on Discord.

Contact us at