High on Life

We are a group for students who don't drink alcohol, don't drink much, or just fancy some alcohol-free activities.

Offering a wide variety of activities from on campus movie and mocktail nights, to local activities like laser tag or mini golf, to daytrips to theme parks or the Christmas Markets, there’s bound to be an activity for you this term!

Membership is £5 for the year, with any additional entry fees being paid for by you. The majority of our on-campus events are also free for members to attend. Non-members are also welcome to attend our events, they’ll just be charged a small entry fee, starting at £2, per event. So come down and make some friends, show that sober doesn’t have to mean boring, and that socialising at uni is possible without drinking alcohol!

You can also receive the most up-to-date information about our events by following us on social media:

Contact us at highonlifesociety@gmail.com