British Chinese Society

The British Chinese Society (BCSoc) are a culturally aware and diverse club dedicated to promoting Chinese and British culture by creating 'a home away from home'.

We aim to bring together British and Chinese culture, we host a number of events each year- notably our Quintuplet clubbing events, to game nights and dinners. Our goals include the promotion of cultural exchange and meeting awesome people.

We value diversity and enriching our members’ experience during their time here at Leeds. BCsoc is a multi-cultural society welcoming British-born Chinese, Chinese-born British and international students, as well as students with cultural ties to Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, Philippines and Korea amongst many others!

The Committee for 2020-2021 are:
Ka lok Liu (President)
Angela Li (Vice President)
Oliver Ng (Treasurer)
Lulu Child (Secretary)
Melanie Vay (Events Manager)
Karen Li (Creative Director)
Yong Hui Lisa Li (PR Manager)
Zhuowen Geng (Welfare Director)

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