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LUU Archery Society is a fun and friendly group who are happy to welcome experienced archers and novices alike to their training sessions which take place three times a week. They provide all the basic equipment for beginners but those with preferred bows are welcome to bring their own. Training is provided by professional coaches.


Our outdoor archery sessions take place every Saturday during the summer holidays, from 12-5pm at Weetwood Playing Fields.

Indoor sessions take place during term time 3 times a week at Cromer Terrace Sports Centre:

Monday 8pm-10pm (beginners course for the first 6 weeks)

Wednesday 7pm-9pm (beginners course for the first 6 weeks)
and 9pm-10pm (advanced archers only)

Friday 7pm-10pm (Invitation only and competition practice) 

Once the beginners courses are complete then the Monday and Wednesday sessions open up for everyone to use.

Beginners courses:
We run 2 beginners courses in semester 1 and another in semester 2 with 20 places each. They consist of 6 mandatory sessions where our coaches train everyone on how to handle recurve equipment safely. 

Once the course is complete then each person will gain a certificate which can be used to prove that they are safe to shoot at other archery clubs. There are no fees for the course and all equipment needed can be borrowed from our club. 


Membership costs £18 for the year or £10 for a semester. There are no session fees and no requirement to have Edge membership unless you are not a student at the University. 

Advanced membership: this type of membership is for those who have already completed an archery beginners course. We require a beginners certificate as evidence of course completion, if this can not be provided then one of our coaches can evaluate your shooting to see if you meet our standards of safety. 

Beginners membership: This type of membership is for those who wish to join our beginners course and will be available to buy once our society has finished the Freshers Fair and GIAG sessions. Once 20 places have been sold for each course then the membership will automatically be unavailable. 

Important Dates 2017/2018

Give It A Go Term 1: 
We will be holding 2 GIAG sessions on Wednesday 4th October. Tickets for this can be bought on our website for £3 each. These sessions take place in Cromer Terrace Sports Hall.
Session 1 will take place from 7pm-8:15pm
Session 2 will take place from 8:30pm-9:45pm 

If we have spaces available due to people dropping out of the GIAG sessions then we will accept £3 at the door, however spaces cannot be guaranteed and you may have to be turned away.

Term 1 Beginners Courses
Course 1:
Start date Monday 9th October.
End date Monday 13th November 
Course 2: 
Start date Wednesday 11th October 
End date Wednesday 15th October

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