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The Leeds Gryphons American Football team has a proud tradition of producing exceptional players, some of whom have even gone on to play for the Great Britain Lions as well as playing professionally in Europe. Following promotion to Division 1 last season and a play-off run to the Northern Conference Cup Final, the club is looking forward to Division 1 football in the 2019-2020 season. 


The team consists of around 60 members and has around 40 active players. Each year, the club has 10 or so volunteer coaches. No experience is needed to play as most people never play before university. Our players come from a variety of sporting backgrounds or none at all - all are welcome! 



  Tuesday: 7:30PM-10PM at Sports Park Weetwood 3G 

 Thursday: 7.30PM-10PM at Sports Park Weetwood 3G 

During the regular season we play our home games at West Park Rugby Club on either Saturday or Sunday.



We have weekly Wednesday socials often with other societies at 'The Warehouse'.  We also do a variety of other events such as O v D football match, non-drinking pizza and NFL nights on Sundays. Most notably we go on tour to a different location at the end of every year. 



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