Wing Chun

What we’re all about

Wing Chun is an efficient Chinese martial art which specialises in practical self defence against bigger and stronger opponents. This means that it is suitable for men and women, as well as beginners of all ages and abilities. The fighting system prioritises economy, simplicity and direct application and you'll be learning useful techniques from your very first lesson as well as developing discipline, determination and self-control.


Sessions take place on:

Tuesdays: 5pm-7pm - Union building, Level 2, Room 4
Fridays: 5pm-7pm - Union building, Sky Studio 
Sundays: 2pm-4pm - Union building, Sky Studio


Basic membership is £20 and class fee is £2.50 for students, £3.50 for non-students. Membership includes free one-to-one sessions, a free poster, discounts and access to events.