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WaterAid is an international charity set up in 1981 by members of the UK water industry in response to growing concerns over the number of people around the globe who lacked access to safe drinking water, proper hygiene and decent sanitation. 

Since their creation, WaterAid have reached 24.9 million people with clean water, 24 million with decent toilets and 16.7 million with good hygiene. Impressive though this is, the work and fight is far from over. 

Our role in the continuing work of WaterAid, as a society, is to raise awareness of WaterAid. To do this we will highlight the the issues related to water, hygiene and sanitation; promote the work of WaterAid; fundraise and do our part to help bring basic human necessities to vulnerable people across the world. 

We will run a varied itinerary of events throughout the year including: public speaker events, pub quizzes, social media campaigns, bake sales, sponsored hikes, sponsored walks, taking part in the Leeds Half Marathon; collaborating with other societies, the wider public and local businesses; and awareness campaigns.

We are a new society at Leeds and we need all the help and support student at Leeds can offer so come along to one of our weekly meetings if you think there might be something you can help us with or if you just fancy finding out a bit more about us. 


We meet weekly in Baines Wing SR (1.15)




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