Picture House Presents: The French Dispatch

15 November 2021, 6:00 pm-
Pyramid Theatre, LUU

Price: From £5

Wes Anderson's love letter to journalism features an all-star cast from the director's stable of actors. Anderson presents an anthology of stories written in a Kansas newspaper's French offices. Filmed before the pandemic, The French Dispatch had its release delayed for over a year. It premiered at Cannes in June this year, and now its finally released in cinemas! The individual tales are based on pieces printed in The French Dispatch magazine. The anthology's stories, framed through the writing of editor, Arthur Howitzer Jr. (Bill Murray), range from dramatic tales of student protests to delicate character studies of eccentric art dealers. These various stories are presented in Anderson's colourful, funny and often moving style. where visual and narrative symmetries weave together to become something very special.
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