Picture House Presents: The Story of a Three Day Pass

31 October 2021, 3:30 pm-
Pyramid Theatre, LUU

Price: From £5

Turner (Harry Baird), an American soldier stationed in France, is given three day's leave by his casually racist commanding officer. While enjoying this short-lived freedom, Turner falls for Miriam (Nicole Berger), a beautiful white woman, which could spell trouble even in cosmopolitan 60s Paris. Director Melvin Van Peebles explores the sometimes farcical societal fall-out of an interracial relationship with a satirical and sarcastic playfulness, one that will the tone for his later films. Van Peebles moved to France from America, taught himself French and wrote the book that ...A Three Day Pass is based on, along with a number of other novels, In French, While this is a story that could have been set in America, the conflicting and often contradictory attitudes towards race in 60's France add an almost Kafkaesque bite to the film. A real masterpiece of black cinema.
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