Candle Making

30 April 2021, 12:00 pm-1:00 pm
This event will take place over zoom

Price: n/a

Come and join us for an afternoon candle making! Once you've signed up, we'll post you a kit and make candles together over zoom! The sessions are open to all Leeds University students, they can be attended in groups, or as individuals - so feel free to use them as club and society socials, turn up with your housemates or come on your own for an informal chat, an opportunity to meet new people and some creative crafting. The sessions are being hosted by LUU activities staff, so if you're new to this craft - don't worry - we'll all be learning together! The event will take place over zoom, and we will send the meeting link to your stated email address in advance of the event. Please sign up before April 16th so that we can send your kit in time.
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