World Unite Festival Theme

Make-A-Zine Workshop

11 March 2021, 1:00 pm-3:00 pm

Price: Free

This event is only available for students in University Residences. Join artist Abi Palmer for a workshop about making zines in the 21st century! Marvel at some classic zines, and consider how modern technology has changed zine culture! Build your very own lo-fi/hi-fi masterpiece, explore the medium of ‘insta-zines’ or try some good ol’ fashioned cutting and sticking. Share your work with 21st century zinesters all over the world. Format: • Intro to the idea of zines, including examples of classic zines and their history, and new ways of making zines on a mobile phone • Time to experiment with making a zine of your own, using one of three prompts • Round up: space to share work, discuss ideas, and explore ways to keep zine-ing For the session you will craft materials e.g. old magazines, glue, scissors and felt tips and / or a smartphone with an Instagram account or image editing app. Sign up using the Starrez portal.
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