Real Ale Society – Timothy Taylors Takeover

25 February 2021, 8:00 pm-

Get your 4 bottles for £6 in, find your (definitely not stolen) pint glass, and imagine you're in your in a quiet, cosy local because tonight we're throwing the cask/old man ale special. We've got quizzes, a tasting, and tier lists, with extra quiz material supplied by the good folks at Timothy Taylors. Everyone coming is encouraged to try some bottled cask ales, though it's not at all mandatory. For those wanting a group tasting, below will be a list of 4 easily findable beers that we think best translate from cask to bottle, we'll have short discussions and reviews throughout the night. Landlord - Timothy Taylor ; Spitfire - Shepherd Neame ; Ghostship - Adnams ; Hobgoblin Ruby - Wychwood