Lead LUU Candidate SpeedMeet

24 February 2021, 3:00 pm-4:00 pm

Price: Free

Our Candidate SpeedMeet is a fun and interactive way for club and society members to meet this year’s Lead LUU candidates. As all campaigning has moved online for 2021 we were faced with a problem: how do we make sure this year’s candidates have the opportunity to meet as many clubs and society members as possible? The solution? The Candidate SpeedMeet! Hosted on the networking platform Glimpse, the Candidate SpeedMeet will match up candidates and members for four minutes of questions, campaigning or just chat, and you can drop in for as long as you like and meet as many or as few other SpeedMeeters as you like! Simply click on the Glimpse link below to access the event (no registration or account needed), add as little or as much information to your profile as you like, select who you would like to meet and the platform will do the rest!
#Lead LUU
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