Leeds RAG Mates Dates!

8 February 2021, 7:30 pm-8:30 pm

Price: £5

Tired of the pandemic? Time for a PAL-demic! Leeds RAG Society's 'Mates Dates', an exclusive event only for first years, will be happening from the 8th - 10th February. Come and join other silly freshers in a fun-filled zoom call to find other house mates or mates! Let zoom fill the rooms of your new home in LS6 by experiencing six different ‘speed dates for mates’ sessions - each lasting seven minutes! Tickets are £5 for one person or £8 for a group ticket for 2+ people (you will get one zoom link). All proceeds go to RAG charities, so get involved! Don't just wait for your mates, accelerate over to 'Mates Dates'!
Tickets Here!