BioSoc’s Mission to Mozambique

1 February 2021, -
Walk, Run, Swim, Cycle!

We're raising money to protect the turtles of Mozambique! Our mission is to collectively travel the 7,616 miles from Leeds University Union, UK all the way to Jangamo Bay, Mozambique, fundraising along the way. We're officially launching on 1st February 2021, aiming to get to Mozambique by April! With the UK in lockdown, it's so important to look after our physical and mental health, especially as University students. So our Mission to Mozambique aims to encourage people to get out and get active to help us meet our distance goal. Over the course of our fundraiser, we'll be asking you to record the distance/number of steps you've covered through any physical activity including walking, running, cycling and swimming. Even if its just steps around the house, every little helps! You can choose to join our Strava Running Club to track your mileage or simply manually input your distances on our Google Sheet! Each month, the top distance contributor will win an incredible prize - we have loads of amazing Love The Oceans merchandise!! AND at the end of the challenge, the overall top distance contributor will have the privilege of NAMING the nest that we sponsor!!! The average person does 2,000 steps per mile so our target distance is equivalent to a whopping 15,232,000 steps! So, we need YOU to join the challenge! Our mission ends in Jangamo Bay, Mozambique where our incredible friends at Love The Oceans are based. Two species of sea turtles nest on the shores around Love The Oceans' base: loggerheads and leatherbacks. Currently, there is no protection for these animals in the area and the nests are vulnerable to poaching, foot traffic, cars, light pollution and scavengers. So, Love The Oceans are employing people from the local community to guard the turtle nests 24/7 and carry out a daily turtle patrol to locate and protect any new nests. Our fundraising target of £400 will enable Leeds BioSoc to sponsor an entire turtle nest, covering the cost of employing 3 guards on 8-hour shifts to ensure 24/7 guarding of the nest from laying to hatching. 100% of donations go to employing guards. Here's our JustGiving page: With your help, we can post 24/7 guards to ensure the hatchlings get as good of a chance as possible to make it back to the ocean. You don't need to be a member of Leeds BioSoc to join in our challenge! All are welcome. Just fill out this form to register your interest: All we ask is that, if you can, you make a donation yourself and also share with your family and friends to sponsor you on the challenge! You can find out more about Love The Oceans here: See Less