Oxford Day Trip

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7:30 am - 8:00 pm


Rest of the UK

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£20.00 - £25.00


Alcohol free, Family friendly

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About this event

Oxford is a charming city of remarkable architecture, history and culture. You'll find ancient and modern colleges, enchanting museums and galleries, and plenty of parks and gardens where you can relax.


There are 2 ticket types for this trip:

Standard: £25

Halls: £20


The Halls tickets can only be purchased by students living in University of Leeds accommodation. The difference in price is subsidised by the Hall Exec Committee Fund.


Meet at the Parkinson Building steps at 7:15am to depart at 7:30am.


This trip is not guided, once we reach the destination you are free to explore on your own.


If you would like to pay for the ticket with cash, or if you require any further information, please contact the Trips Programme (luutrips@leeds.ac.uk).