Tour de France GIAG

30 October 2020, 7:00 pm-9:00 pm
Google meet (online)

Your gorgeous French society has come up with the best idea yet- a virtual tour de France, with a lot less bikes and un peu plus de vin ;) We're inviting you to spend two hours with us online (through Google meet) in 5 of France's sexiest cities. Each member of our wonderful committee will be putting on different themed activities and challenges for you all- all related to French culture, the language and much more! These will be followed by a QandA to ask any questions to the committee or previous members. There will be a chance to win some sensational prizes : £5 pounds Amazon vouchers and, even better, a FREE membership to join our society!! (Deal of the century if you ask me). So come and join us and give French soc a go... Time to do it the French way ;)