Postgraduate Halls Aysgarth Falls Walking Trip

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9:00 am - 5:30 pm



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The waterfalls at Aysgarth have been a popular attraction since the early 19th century, they were even the setting for a fight scene in the Hollywood film Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves. We will explore the beautiful countryside in this areas and follow the path beside the waterfalls.

We will have 2 different route options on the day, both will take in the beautiful Aysgarth Falls but the longer walk will allow you to explore more of the beautiful countryside in this area, including a woodland section.

We would like to emphasise the need for good outdoor walking shoes or boots plus a waterproof jacket. The conditions underfoot can be very wet and sometimes muddy so please wear footwear you don't mind getting dirty and please bring a spare pair of shoes for afterwards.

*Please note this trip is run in partnership with Get Out Get Active and is subsidised by the Hall Exec Committee Fund*