Tribal Instinct VIII

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1:00 pm - 5:00 pm



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About this event

Tribal Instinct is a show that aims to raise funds for any chosen charity back in East Africa. It means a lot to us because as East African students studying abroad, we want to drive change in the societies we come from. Over the years, through the fashion show we have been able to make sustainable donations to the communities we come from. From Ket Wangi Orphanage in Kisumu (Kenya) to St Jude’s in Gulu (Uganda) to the Stand Up Shout Out Movement; we as a society are proud to say that we can and have a made a difference. Last year, our chosen charity was The Purple Box which is a charity operating in Arusha, Tanzania which provides free sanitary towels to girls from low income families ensuring that they stay in school.

This year ,we are supporting a charity called On The Ball Uganda,which works through identifying and nurturing exceptionally gifted athletes ,who cannot afford to go to school and create a pathway for careers in sports.All proceeds from the show go to this charity.