Marielle Franco, Presente! Against the Genocide of Black People in Brazil

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6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


University of Leeds

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Marielle Franco was shot dead on 14th March, in a targeted assassination that reminds us of the urgency to talk about the genocide of black people in Brazil. Marielle was a black lesbian single mother, sociologist and from the favela of Maré where she grew up.
As a councillor of Rio de Janeiro, Marielle was part of the Human Rights Commission that was denouncing killings blamed on police; her role was to be in charge of monitoring the Brazilian government’s “federal intervention” - the allocation of military forces to be in charge of assuring security in the state of Rio de Janeiro.
We will discuss this topic with a Roundtable and a Musical Tribute:


"Black bodies and the criminalization of youth: the social movements decolonizing human rights in Brazil - Marielle's struggle"

Breitner Tavares (University of Brasilia)


"Necropolitics and de-politicisation of a cause: how mainstream media coverages of Marielle's shooting in Brazil criminalise black communities, erase queer sexuality and support the military intervention in Rio"

Gabriela Loureriro (University of West London)


"What's going on? - The need to decolonise the depolitisation process of Black bodies in Brazil"

Katucha Bento (University of Leeds)

Musical Tribute

Leeds Samba - Unidos Do Ritmo
Event organised by the Leeds Student Union and the Black Feminist Society - University of Leeds.
This event is taking place at the University of Leeds School of Sociology and Social Policy, Room 12.21-25