UNICEF on Campus Leeds

What we’re all about

The UNICEF on Campus Leeds society aims to support the organisation of UNICEF, by planning fundraising events and raising awareness about its aims. Additionally, we hope to bring together students that share a passion for volunteering, through social events and weekly meetings. Join us to make some new friends, while offering to a good cause!


Come over to our GIAG to get to know us, grab some snacks and have a chance to win amazing prizes through joining our pub-style quiz! It's held on Monday, 7 October at Baines Wing SR 1.13 at 7pm.

Our general meetings will run every other Monday, starting 14 October, when committee elections will take place! Our committee meetings will run on Mondays when we do not have general meetings. All meetings will be held at Baines Wing SR 1.13 at 7pm.


Fundraising events will take place on a monthly basis. We are open to members' ideas about fundraisers and we would be more than happy to support you in raising funds for UNICEF. We also plan on throwing various alcoholic and non-alcoholic social events throughout the academic year, so our members can get to know each other and have a good time while supporting UNICEF's cause!


UNICEF is a society that aims to support diversity and welcome members from all years, courses and backgrounds. The cost of a yearly membership is £5 and of a lifetime membership is £10.